Dedicated Development Team 

We take pride in the ability to hand-pick vetted technical talents that are a precise fit for every client's project. Adopting a customer-centric approach in selection and a comprehensive understanding of technology makes this process efficient and effective for achieving customized solutions and satisfactory project outcomes.

Tech stack we cover

At Feel IT, we boast of a versatile tech stack featuring Python, Node.js, React, React Native, Vue.js that can be leveraged to build solutions that resonate and attract qualified leads.



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Why hire a dedicated development team


Expertise and Skillset

Access a trove of talents with the required skills that will fast track your startup’s ability to deliver solutions in the dynamic world of finance.



Cut costs associated with hiring non-profiled devs with our fin-tech dedicated team ensuring an low-expense path to excellence.


Flexibility and Scalability

Access to a scalable team on demand ensuring a seamless resolution of evolving demands of your fintech startup.


Focus on Core Business

Concentrate on core part of your fintech business operation while our integrated dev team forges solutions.

Services we provide

Custom dedicated teamCustom dedicated team

This is where your requirements meet our expertise and the outcome is actualization of project goals by a dedicated skilled team of devs.

AI ML / Data Science dedicated teamAI ML / Data Science dedicated team

Give your fintech the edge to stay ahead in an AI-world with our dedicated AI/ML specialists, we help innovative and craft data solutions that help bolster your advantage in an ever-changing market.

Mobile App dedicated teamMobile App dedicated team

Ship fintech features faster and accelerate your business growth with a specialized mobile app team consisting of 2 React Native devs and UI/UX designer that can build your apps from scratch.

Web dedicated teamWeb dedicated team

Swiftly create a website to empower your fintech venture with a dedicated web team of 2 full stack developers and a UI/UX designer to help you create a website from scratch.

Why work with us

Access to a pool of the best talent

Access to a pool of the best talent

Recruiting local talents is daunting but we provide relief by ensuring connection with coveted and top-tier talents that can deliver satisfactory outcomes.

Flexible solution

Flexible solution

We provide unrestricted flexibility in team composition making it possible for you to have a team size tailored to ensure seamless adaptation to evolving requirements.

Predictable fee

Predictable fee

Safe-guard against financial uncertainty with our predictable fee system ensuring agreed developer fees remain the same throughout the contract; giving you control & confidence.

Hassle-free experience

Hassle-free experience

Navigate corporate responsibilities & operation seamlessly as we help ensure proper management of your taxes, workplace, legal and equipment giving you an opportunity to focus on direct success drivers for your business.

Smooth onboarding & offboarding

Smooth onboarding & offboarding

Experience a smooth & effortless onboarding process as we oversee your setup process and assign you dedicated account manager as well as a seamless offboarding process to ensure smooth transition after the one-month notice period.

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Our process


Defining your needs

Share your needs with us and let's match you with the perfect candidates.


Candidate sourcing

Our pin-point precision candidate sourcing system will match you with the best talents that fit your criteria.


HR & Tech interview

Our interview process is a mix of HR insights & tech evaluation to achieve an efficient hiring process.


Candidate selection

We shortlist the finest, and you make the final selection to get the perfect fit.


Onboarding and Integration

We have a streamlined onboarding system that enables seamless integration into your work ecosystem.


Monitoring and Management

Optimize your operation with diligent monitoring and strategic management techniques.


Scaling as Needed

Expand your business seamlessly with our scalable solutions for sustained growth.


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How quickly can you find and hire a dedicated team for my project?

The process for hiring a dedicated team typically takes ten business days to a month. It may take slightly longer than staff augmentation, as we ensure the candidates can collaborate effectively.

This timeline can vary based on the team's size, composition, and specific requirements per the Ideal Candidate profiles.

For more personalized insights into hiring speed and budget, we offer a free Discovery phase within 48 hours to help you identify the ideal team composition and analyze the market. Feel free to contact us by email or fill out the form on our website to understand how we can meet your business needs.

How can I determine the required level of expertise for my tasks?

We offer a team composition service to help you identify the right level of expertise for your specific needs. By studying your business requirements and necessary tasks, we can recommend the optimal team composition, including the specialists' particular roles and experience levels. This approach not only aligns with your budget and timeline but also provides a comprehensive overview of the tasks, ensuring that you have the right expertise to fulfill them.

How can I be sure your dedicated team will work together and meet the challenges?

To ensure that the dedicated team will work cohesively and meet your requirements, we undertake a meticulous screening process. This includes detailed assessments of each candidate's knowledge and fit with your specific needs. We go beyond individual evaluations, conducting compatibility checks and team-building exercises to confirm that the candidates complement each other.

The team members also worked together on a test project for several days under the supervision of a team lead. This allows us to evaluate their technical knowledge and communication skills collaboratively.

Once we are confident that the team can handle your tasks and work effectively, we introduce them to you. Additionally, we closely monitor the quality of their work throughout the collaboration, conducting monthly performance reviews and weekly progress calls. This ongoing oversight ensures that the team continues to meet your expectations and adapt to any evolving challenges.

What are the payment arrangements for a dedicated team?

Payment for a dedicated team is structured individually for each specialist, calculated at an agreed-upon hourly rate but then multiplied by 160 hours. This results in a fixed monthly cost for each specialist on the team, allowing you to budget with precision.

This approach adds flexibility, enabling you to replace, add, or remove team members as needed without affecting the overall payment structure. Additionally, it may lead to cost savings, as our specialists occasionally work extra hours, effectively lowering the hourly rate for that month.

Overall, this payment arrangement ensures predictability in your expenses, helping you to plan your budget accurately for each month of work.

How can I optimize a dedicated team's lineup, and how quickly can members be added or removed?

You can adjust the team's composition to meet your specific needs and tasks. If you need to add a new developer, we can assist you within two weeks.

If you need to remove a member, notify us one month in advance, and we will handle the offboarding process.

With whom are the hired professionals legally registered?

Our process for finding the right candidate is meticulously organized into two distinct phases:

Specialists are legally affiliated with Feel IT Studio OÜ, yet they work exclusively with your company as an integral part of your in-house team.

We manage all legal and financial matters related to these specialists, freeing you from the administrative tasks tied to employee maintenance.

Can you offer a dedicated workplace for the team or provide specialized equipment?

Yes, we can offer a dedicated workplace for your team, such as coworking spaces. By providing a conducive environment tailored to your team's needs, we aim to enhance their productivity and foster collaboration.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of having the right tools for the job. That's why we can purchase and provide the necessary equipment, such as notebooks, graphics cards, or additional monitors, to ensure the team has everything they need to succeed.

We also believe in nurturing a positive team culture. Our services include setting up team-building activities like 'Pizza Fridays' or 'Movie Nights' to create a cohesive and motivated team, all geared towards achieving your project's goals.

Why is working with offshore development teams more cost-effective than in-house hiring?

Working with offshore development teams offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-house hiring for several reasons:

Seamless Integration: We meticulously select and integrate candidates into the newly built team, ensuring that each member is precisely aligned with the required skills for the task. This approach means you won't expend resources on aligning an existing team or disrupt other development processes. Every team member is crucial and on-point, translating to efficiency and cost savings.

Access to a Global Talent Pool: The challenge of finding the right candidate locally, especially in highly competitive markets like the US, can be daunting and expensive. With our offshore development services, you have access to top candidates worldwide. These highly skilled professionals can be as effective as in-house local developers, serving your project's goals with full integration. By tapping into a broader talent pool, you can find the perfect fit without geographical constraints and often at a more competitive cost.

Overall, our offshore development services offer the dual advantage of cost efficiency and high quality. By focusing on seamless integration and leveraging global talent, we enable you to build a team that is both cost-effective and aligned with your project's unique requirements.

How do you ensure a perfect match between a dedicated team and a startup's needs?

At Feel IT Studio, we understand that aligning a dedicated team with a startup's needs is crucial for success. Our approach ensures quality, efficiency, and partnership. Here's how we achieve this match:

  • Understanding Needs: We engage with stakeholders to grasp technical requirements, project scope, and culture.
  • Skills Assessment: We perform evaluations to ensure both technical and soft skills match.
  • Customized Team Building: Tailoring team members to the startup's needs and ensuring proper onboarding.
  • Continuous Collaboration: Regular communication keeps us aligned with the startup's goals.
  • Quality and Compliance: Strict control and adherence to legal standards.
  • Flexibility: Adapting the team according to project changes.
  • Trust and Partnership: We foster transparency and long-term relationships.

Feel IT Studio's tailored approach ensures a perfect match between dedicated teams and startups, focusing on understanding, quality, flexibility, and trust. We work closely with each client to align with their unique needs, translating into successful projects and lasting relationships. Feel free to reach out to learn how we can support you!