Cash2U – Pay Day Loan company

Dedicated team for AI product

The company engaged Feel IT Studio for a team of experts in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Their task was to develop a credit card scanning module for the company's mobile app, working closely with the in-house team and the CTO.


Business Challenge

Such a module was going to deliver a significant advantage to the startup. Yet, it required extensive software engineering to develop such a sophisticated solution. The CTO and CEO were well aware of the potential difficulties in assembling a suitable team in the US for this task. Larger companies have already engaged local developers possessing the required expertise. This problem prompted our future partners to explore other markets.

"In the US, setting up a team involves complex tasks like official registration, exhaustive onboarding, extra taxes, and long legal procedures for employee termination. This isn't ideal for a startup like us, aiming for a quick market entry. A friend recommended Ukrainian outstaffing, having had a good experience himself. Following his advice, I approached several companies, including Feel IT Studio. After discussions and evaluations, I chose Feel IT Studio. They provided more than recruitment - they offered a complete solution."

Matt, CEO

Forming a Dedicated Team for Our Partner's Urgent Needs

Forming a Dedicated Team for Our Partner's Urgent Needs

Recognizing our partner's significant requirements and tight deadlines, Feel IT assembled a small team. Our three-stage selection process allowed us to pick a high-level, English-speaking ML Engineer, MLOps, and Solution Architect proficient in developing a Computer Vision product for the company. We've provided our partner with a pool of resumes of top candidates, from which he chose the current team—all within three weeks.

Key Aspect of Our Face-to-Face Communication Strategy

Key Aspect of Our Face-to-Face Communication Strategy

After successful onboarding, Feel IT took over responsibilities about law & taxes registration and all administrative matters such as salary payout, management of sick leaves and vacation tracking, compensation payout, and professional development of the specialists.

"As a young startup striving to deliver new features , my daily time is limited. Feel IT played out by reducing the time spent on team management. I no longer need to micro-manage every employee and can finally focus on the core of my business."

Matt, CEO

Providing Optimal Resources for Enhanced Productivity and Continuous Project Support

Feel IT is committed to the comfort of dedicated teams. To ensure productivity, we provided the new unit with an office in Kyiv and new computers. The product is in the final stages of development, but the team remains involved in the project for continuous support and enhancement of the solution


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